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Government Incentives for Solar Powered WiFi Security Cameras

Time: 2022-05-06 11:56:07

The solar security cameras, with a self-renewing and clean power source, are gaining increasing attention and popularity as the public are becoming more environmentally conscious nowadays.

To encourage the adoption of solar power technology, the government of many countries, such as the US, UK, Canada, etc., are offering incentives (tax credits, rebates, FIT program, etc.) for installed solar, like solar cameras.

Thanks to the solar incentives, statistics show that the price for solar, including solar-powered wireless security camera systems, has decreased by 70% while the number of installed solar has increased by 6,000% from 2009 to 2018.

Given the fact that solar-powered security cameras are bound to be an irreversible tide, it is best to buy solar-powered wireless home security cameras now to catch up with the market trend.

Besides, the solar security cameras for your home/business can also help reduce the insurance and provide proofs when you need to lodge claims.